Quality Interpreting in Vancouver, BC

Sorbonne Translation provides foreign language interpreters for a wide range of situations to locations all around the Greater Vancouver area. Whether you need interpreters for meetings, negotiations or conferences, or need a court or conference interpreter, we can offer highly-qualified, professional language interpreters with short notice.

    Language Connect provides regular interpreter services in:
  • Simultaneous Interpreting : The interpreter speaks whilst simultaneously listening to the following sentence. Their interpretation is usually relayed over headphones at large conferences, media launches and TV broadcasts, or spoken quietly in smaller surroundings such as courtrooms.
  • Consecutive Interpreting : The most common form of face-to-face interpreting, used in small formal and informal meetings and gatherings. The interpreter waits for a suitable break before interpreting for the audience.
  • Telephone Interpreting : When arranging for an interpreter to get to a location is not feasible the next best option is for them to be available over the telephone.

At Sorbonne Translation we have a team of professional, experienced and dedicated interpreters who perform all forms of interpretation including simultaneous interpretation from and into English, French, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin.

    Our first-class interpreters deal with all manner of needs and objectives including:
  • Business
  • Conference Interpreters
  • Meeting and greeting
  • Telephone
  • Video conferencing
  • Public sector – courts, immigration, and social services
  • Media – voiceovers and other audio-based work

We have served major multinational companies, organisations and conferences offering quality interpreters at competitive prices.


Our rates typically start at $54 per hour, and may increase depending on how technical the language used will be, on the location and the day/time (there is an extra cost for interpreting in the evenings and at weekends)

Unlike other Interpreting agencies, we allow clients to book for a minimum of 2 hours of interpreting, rather than the usual half-day minimum.

Should transport to various locations throughout the day be needed, the client is responsible for all transport costs.

Please contact us to receive a quote for your interpreting needs.


We can help you to better communicate with your clients in the global marketplace by communicating your services efficiently and professionally. We often accompany businesspeople who attend networking sessions and conferences, both in Vancouver and in other locations in Canada.


Interpreters are becoming increasingly important. Our increasingly frequent dealings with the international market as well as with growing multicultural societies means the services of an interpreter to overcome language barriers can be vital.

Whether by telephone, video-conference or in meetings, we can accurately and professionally help you to communicate with your clients and suppliers.

We can provide interpreters at any location within Greater Vancouver, and with notice can provide interpreters in various other locations outside British Columbia.

Please contact us to receive a quote for your interpreting needs.